By Matt Williams, Street View Operations Program Manager at Google

In the Beginning

Street View was launched in May 2007 to allow our users to explore the world through images. At the time, coverage was limited to just five U.S. cities…. The feature provides users 360° horizontal and 290° vertical panoramic street level views within Google Maps. 

If you are an owner of a property and would like to have Street View imagery collected, please check out our Street View Partner Program.

If I were a business owner, the Google Street View Partner Program would definitely be worth looking into. In fact, one can even embed a street view photo image on one’s webpage, blog or business site. I believe that feature is still in beta mode, as embedding Google non-photographic image maps was only recently introduced.

True Google fangrrrrls (and fanboys) can follow the link above, to discover the origin and identity of Pegman. There are photos of Pegman as a life-sized character, as well as an original schematic drawing of Pegman’s actual dimensions. I could’ve embedded them as in-line images, but I’m uneasy already about republishing excessive amounts of Google original content, while remaining within the bounds of “fair use”….