…. no less than five ex-governors, who are years, even decades, away from the state house, have won their party’s nomination to win back their old jobs.

The most striking example to me was Jerry Brown, former governor of California, I vaguely recall. He was dating Linda Ronstadt. I know she was a pop music star on the scale of ummmm…. Olivia Newton-John maybe? However, the only music I can dredge out of memory to remember her by was late in her career, an acknowledgement to her heritage, “En Mi Casa de Mi Padre”. I should confirm the the spelling, apologies.

I read this:

Nowhere is the effort to return more remarkable than in California, where Jerry Brown is seeking to regain the office he first won literally half a lifetime ago.

and felt a frisson of something, of emotion. Yes, I do find second chances rather inspiring.

What is the former governor’s motivation for running for public office again? CBS News did a good job in drawing out this response (unless Jerry Brown has always been so forthcoming and direct, I don’t know the slightest thing about his political track record or demeanor):

“I like this work. I promised never to admit that, but I do enjoy it. I like the politics, I like the government, and I find this almost a Rubik’s cube of complexity, an intractable, unsolvable problems. And I just feel my entire life work, everything I’ve ever learned, everything I’ve ever done, has prepared me to take it on. And that kind of a challenge excites me,” Brown said. “If you remember, when, in that movie about Patton, when he talks about how he loved war, you know, and that’s a shocking kind of statement. But he was a great general because he loved what he did. And I love this work,” Brown said.

In a few states, it just might be possible that what once was old, may become new again. That sounds a bit like the words to “Amazing Grace”. Merely a coincidence.