Sunrise Florida Goes Missing

For the third time, Google has managed to misplace the city of Sunrise, Florida, home to 90,000 U.S. citizens and the NHL’s Florida Panthers. Despite Sunrise’s being a reasonably sizable place with plenty of businesses, the world’s most popular search engine can’t seem to keep the city in its rightful place: on the east coast of Florida just outside of Fort Lauderdale. For one month this summer, any Google Maps searches for locations in the city of Sunrise defaulted to searching Sarasota, some 200 miles away.

The city’s mayor, Mike Ryan, is at a loss. He told CNN, “It felt like a bizarre novel — that all of a sudden we disappeared. We woke up one morning and we didn’t exist.” After a public outcry, Google fixed the issue, but not before many business owners claimed that they had lost revenue thanks to the city’s disappearing act. Google told CNN that it can’t share details about the specific incident, but said “technical errors are investigated and resolved on a case by case basis as quickly as possible.” Although understandably frustrated, Mayor Ryan has at least maintained a sense of humor about the situation. This summer he sent a map of Sunrise to Google’s Eric Schmidt after filing his complaint.

Again. This is the third time.