Interesting that Quora is the source quoted for rationale for Facebook’s disabling this popular game application with 150 million users. Also interesting is the fact that the explanation from Venture Beat wasn’t particularly in agreement with the link to the answer on Quora. There could’ve been an update, or I could lack the sophistication to understand the answer correctly in context:

UPDATE: Or the answer could be due to takeover rumors regarding the acquisition of LOLApps, and not a technical or computing issue at all! This again courtesy of Quora, but via my own very brief inquiry: http://www.quora.com/Social-Games-Deal-Rumors-Fall-2010/Is-LOLapps-going-to-be-acquired-By-whom 

UPDATE the Second: This is merely idle speculation and not based on anything substantive, as can be determined by reading the content via the second of the two Quora links above. In the interest of responsibility, I emphasize that this is merely an online conversation between disinterested parties who are not privy to any insider information.