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Information security expert Brian Krebs notes that the ZeuS toolkit creator has left, or perhaps sold, his business. Cyber-criminals and malicious types need not worry, however. The leading ZeuS malware competitor, SpyEye, will provide customer support for existing ZeuS toolkit users, SpyEye versus ZeuS: financial malware rivalry ends in merger but not apprehension. Interested parties are on their own as far as obtaining contact information.

Website contact information placement

I am inclined to make an analogy with The Pirate Nation. Although they list “everywhere” as their location, none of their links ever work. It was a real challenge for me, on the single occasion I needed to make contact.

Yet in this aspect, I hesitate at such harsh criticism of The Pirate Nation. I had a very similar experience with a VERY different sort of entity, Quantcast! Devotees of SEO will be very familiar with Quantcast, the web analytics and e-commerce/ website traffic authority, was just as elusive as The Pirate Nation!

Despite my best efforts, I was unable to reach Quantcast by email or online. When attempting to do so last Saturday December 4, their official company site returned 404 errors from these three different “Contact Us” links on their official corporate website.

Malware Wrap-up

I’d recommend steering clear of any ZeuS or SpyEye toolkit based ventures. Although the Krebs-on-Security article reported that SpyEye would be taking over existing ZeuS product development plans, Brian Krebs also described the organization as part of the dangerous and chaotic criminal underground.

The Pirate Nation would be a more responsible, ethical and professionally operated enterprise to work with. And that should reveal just how risky, immoral and illegal it is to be involved in true cybercrime, of the sort associated with ZeuS and SpyEye toolkits.