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red apple

One world, slightly chewed

I present this image courtesy of the MySpace “community share” bulletin board. It looks better if viewed at a smaller scale.

I’ve recently become a member of MySpace for the first time. Is that the ultimate in “late adopter”? Probably. I hope MySpace survives in some form that allows it to retain its identity. Despite its interface being subject to bugs, I like MySpace far more than I expected. Admittedly, I don’t quite use it as designed, but it works well enough for my purposes, and I feel safer about using MySpace than Facebook.

In mid-January 2011, NewsCorp (Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate acquired MySpace in 2005 or thereabouts) announced layoffs of approximately 50% of the MySpace staff. NewsCorp also announced its intentions to sell, merge or “spin-out” MySpace in the near future. “Spin-out” appears to be a euphemism for dismantling and selling off assets. Significant development efforts were focused on the application’s front-end recently. MySpace retains a diminishing but still very well-defined user base with the sort of demographic many companies would want.

The near future will be arriving shortly. What fate will befall MySpace? At the moment, it remains the single alternative to Facebook, in that segment of the social networking/ social media world. Twitter and identi.ca are both micro-blogging services. Diaspora has yet to emerge from its alpha stage.

Based on all the signs, I expect something soon, certainly on or before the Ides of March. Stay tuned.