I forgot that Posterous and TwitPic had a history of conflict. I replaced the original image with one that was not sourced from TwitPic. This replacement image is the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

Temple Of Heaven

This is 南京町 which is a Chinatown in Kobe, Japan. Actually, there are three large Chinatowns in Japan. I had no idea. I guess it IS possible to learn something by surfing through other people’s photos on TwitPic! @rm_35 just visited there, or so I inferred by this message: きたよ!

According to the local merchants group (the Official Chinatown Shopping District Promotion Association), Kobe’s Chinatown is a replica of Nanjing.  I am uncertain whether the Chinatowns of Japan are replicas or communities. For the curious, this is the website: http://www.nankinmachi.or.jp/index.html I thought that was a rather good, descriptive URL.

Chinese New Year will soon be here. More details are available, should you wish to celebrate in Kobe, Japan.

Gong Hay Fat Choy!

In other words,

Best wishes to you for prosperity and happiness in the new year.

I also liked this expression: Teen Hau Way Goong. It is applicable all year-long, and inscribed above the entrance to the gate of Chinatown in San Francisco:

We all work under Heaven for the benefit of the common good.