Distressing news

The Internet Archive sustained $600,000 in damages due to a scanning center fire on 6 November 2013. I am concerned. I left a note.

Esteemed Brewster Kahle,

I am sad to read this unfortunate news. The Internet Archive is a public good. Despite the passage of years and disclosures (and my own avid curiosity), your preservation work and reputation remain flawless. Thank you for your generosity, and all that you do for us.

Internet Archive needs help to rebuild.

Fire at the Wayback Machine

Given the intensity of the fire, it is good that there was no structural damage to Internet Archive offices! You confirmed that, yes?

Also, do you have insurance to indemnify you for losses due to the fire? If not, you should, for the future.

If you are covered by a current policy, but are encountering difficulties in filing a claim, I would be happy to assist. I am not an attorney, nor an insurance professional, but I have a passing familiarity with such matters. If necessary, I can ask my mother to help; she knows how to work with recalcitrant adjusters.

Please, do not hesitate to ask, okay?