Now, this is what I consider a truly public cloud!

Cloud artwork by W.Garrett and Caitlind Brown at Progress Bar

CLOUD CEILING at Progress Bar, Chicago

Finally, genuine cloud architecture has arrived!

I would think that the two artists who create these cumulus extravaganzas, Wayne Garrett and Catlin Brown, would have already caught the eye of Amazon Web Services and IBM Smart Cloud. This is the best virtual representation of distributed computing that I have seen. It might even be more ecologically friendly than cloud computing, as these clouds use re-appropriated incandescent light bulbs. Of course, I don’t know what the electricity requirements are.

light bulbs

Cloud Ceiling closeup: The bulbs

Cloud Ceiling is Nuit Blanche Calgary’s third cloud creation. However, it is their very first permanent installation, and debuted on 16 June 2013 at Progress Bar in Chicago, Illinois.

via CLOUD CEILING at Progress Bar.