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After four years of blogging with WordPress, I just learned that LaTeX is supported by WordPress dot com too! LaTeX (and MathJax, a similar service) are both excellent. They allow elegant and correct digital representation of mathematical formula, like this

partial differential equation using LaTeX

WordPress dot com blogs are weblogs hosted by WordPress, like mine.  Self-hosted blogs running open source WordPress blogging software are WordPress dot org. They don’t have the domain name, WordPress.org but rather, whatever domain name that the blogger has registered. At that point, it a matter of personal preference to:

  • run one’s own server, or
  • pay a web hosting company, and thus use the hosting company’s servers for one’s website, and WordPress installation.

WordPress dot org blogs are the ones that you often read about. They get version updates, have a history of security vulnerabilities, and support an entire ecosystem of WordPress theme and plugin developers. None of that is relevant to those of us who have WordPress hosted blogs.

Do I have WordPress dot com or WordPress dot org?

If you have WordPress dot com, your blog URL will look probably look like this:


It will be a sub-domain of WordPress dot com. You can pay a small yearly fee to WordPress, and WordPress will act as web host provider for your own, already registered domain.

LaTeX versus MathJax

LaTeX was developed by Donald Knuth in and is now a Mathematica product.

MathJax is an open source JavaScript display engine for mathematics. It is supported by IBM and the Mathematics Association of America, among others.