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New-ish blogger Energy Cooking posted this. I left an overlong comment, but I felt happy. Here it is.

The mysterious egg

Friendly greetings, Energy Cooking! I am commenting here, because post comments aren’t enabled. I really enjoyed your 2 Jan 2021 post, “Gashouse Egg Sandwich”.

My grandmother would make what she called a Gashouse Special. There was no cheese involved. It looked like a single piece of medium thick toast (but not Texas toast!) that had been lightly pan fried. A subtle clue: my grandmother would put a knife and fork next to my plate. That’s because there was an entire egg, sometimes two (side-by-side) embedded in the bread slice! Yolk(s) and whites(s) were cooked and intact. The bread wasn’t soggy. At first glance, I was not able to discern the presence of a hidden egg surprise! Of course, I knew what to expect after the first time, but it was still delightful.

I’ve found recipes for Gashouse Specials, but none that hid the egg nearly as well. My grandmother has passed on so I can’t ask her how she did it. I love her. I miss her so much! Thank you for this happy memory. (And thank you for following my humble bloggy too.)

Press This versus Reblog

What is the difference between the two WordPress options, PRESS THIS and REBLOG? Reblog is tumblr-esque 🙂 I think Reblog is a relatively new offering for WordPress. TypePad blogging platform or whatever they call Moveable Type now has it too, as well as tumblr of course. Most of tumblr blogs ARE reblogged posts!

This is merely a guess, but I think Press This was named as a bit of punning on “WordPress”. I recall that Press This allowed some HTML. I am unsure about Reblog, but shall know the answer soon! I wonder if there are other reasons to choose one versus the other, e.g. trackbacks?

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Cheesy Gashouse Egg Sandwich

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